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5th-generation iPad back potentially revealed in leaked images

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New iPad potentially leaked 9to5Mac
New iPad potentially leaked 9to5Mac

Recent rumors indicate that Apple might soon be adding a 128GB iPad to its current line — and now we're getting what may be our first look at the back of Cupertino's next-gen tablet. 9to5Mac has published several images, reportedly sourced from an accessories manufacturer in China, that appear to show the back of a 9.7-inch iPad that adopts the design language and approach as the iPad mini. The image appears to line up with a rumor published by Macotakara back in December, which stated that a 5th-generation iPad, bearing the same stylistic flourishes as the mini, would debut in March of 2013.

That said, it should be noted that there are some questions about the image. The name "iPad" itself appears to be either smudged or partially-wiped off the device — though we've seen early Apple leaks before that have featured smudged or missing printing. In any case, the pictured part does appears to be in line with current expectations, and if the final 5th-generation iPad proves to look like what's pictured above, we'd have to conclude that Apple's not having any further success in its efforts to double down on product secrecy.