For the past 25 years, nearly every entry in The Legend of Zelda series has followed the same basic formula: there's a hero named Link who saves a princess named Zelda from a villain named Ganondorf. But with the exception of a few direct sequels and spin-offs, the Link in one game isn't the same as in the next. Sometimes Zelda is a helpless princess in need of rescue, while in others she's the leader of a band of seafaring pirates (who then turns into a princess). How these games and stories fit together has always been murky, but with the book Hyrule Historia, available in Japan since 2011, Nintendo has finally revealed the timeline that connects each game in the series. The company has since partnered with Dark Horse to launch the book in North America starting today, and while the timeline is the big draw, there's a lot more here for longtime fans of the series to enjoy.