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Neil Gaiman's favorite things to watch are as macabre and mischievous as the man himself

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Neil Gaiman_Wikimedia
Neil Gaiman_Wikimedia

Famed for his ability to concoct intricate, immersive and edgy alternative universes in his books and graphic novels, British author Neil Gaiman has reversed his usual role in speaking to NPR about the things he enjoys watching rather than creating. His list of TV and film favorites is somewhat predictable, given that it revolves around dark fantasy, ghoulish stories, and frightful misadventures — exactly the sort of themes you will find in Gaiman's own works — but that doesn't make it any less compelling.

In discussing the apparent disconnect between writing for children and the nightmarish landscapes he creates for them, Gaiman simply states that he trusts the kids. "Kids are so much braver than adults sometimes," he says, though he does note that his ultimate goal is "to demonstrate that nightmares are beatable." So it is with his writing, so it is with his favorite works by others. To learn more about the man responsible for Coraline, The Sandman, and a recent Doctor Who episode, you can also check out an exclusive interview conducted by his young daughter Maddy, linked below.