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XBMC 12 ‘Frodo’ now available: adds Raspberry Pi and ‘initial’ Android support

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XBMC 12 announcement
XBMC 12 announcement

Today there's some good news for XBMC fans as version 12 of the popular open-source home media center software, codenamed ‘Frodo,’ has been officially released. The new version has a number of new features and improvements including Live TV and PVR support, which allows you to watch Live TV, listen to radio, and access a TV guide. The update also includes a new audio engine that provides access to a variety of HD audio standards including DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD. Theres good news for AirPlay users as well, as the new version of XBMC comes with improved support for Apple’s wireless standard, including the addition of AirPlay audio streaming for Windows users.

The Raspberry Pi has the potential to be an excellent entry-level media streamer

A major new feature coming with the update is official support for the $35 Raspberry Pi micro computer. The Raspberry Pi has the potential to be an excellent entry-level media streamer as the newer "Model B" now supports 1080p video. Frodo also includes "initial" support for Android which, unlike the XBMC Remote app, includes the full range of XBMC features and support for most devices.

With version 12, the XBMC foundation is persisting in its efforts to make the media center software the go-to platform for your living room. But with multiple software and hardware vendors fighting the war for your TV, XBMC faces an uphill battle to stay relevant in the space. The full list of new features and improvements are available here; or if you’re ready to try it for yourself you can head over to the official site for the free download.