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Apple announces 128GB iPad with Retina display, available February 5th starting at $799

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ipad 4 gen
ipad 4 gen

Just as the rumors foretold, Apple has just anounced a 128GB version of its fourth-generation iPad with Retina display — the Wi-Fi model costs $799, while the Wi-Fi plus LTE model costs a whopping $929 — that's nearly as expensive as the base model MacBook Air. The new iPad model isn't available in the store yet, but Apple says it will be on sale as of February 5th. In Apple's press release, the company cites a few specific use cases for such a giant iPad. Specifically, AutoCAD files and multi-track music files — we've been seeing lots of evidence of the iPad's growing prominence in music-making, so it's not unreasonable to imagine those power users requiring more storage. Unfortunately for prospective iPad mini owners craving this capacity bump, this new storage capacity is only available on the full-size iPad. As for the inevitable iPad redesign that leaked last night, we expect you'll need to wait a bit longer before Apple puts that on sale.