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GameStick unveils final design of portable Android console as Kickstarter campaign winds down

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GameStick final design
GameStick final design

GameStick today unveiled the latest designs for its Android-in-a-game-controller console as the popular project nears completion of Kickstarter funding on February 1st. The company has overshot its original $100,000 goal by 500 percent, currently standing at $515,540 as of this writing. Of the success, CEO Jasper Smith says, "it will allow us to bring you a more highly specified product than we could ever have originally hoped for."

Most of the updates to GameStick's design relate to ergonomics; the palm grips have been extended, edges are rounder, and the directional pad is now rubberized. But other changes will affect the way you play Android on your TV. First, GameStick has adopted the XBYA button layout "to make it as easy as possible for developers to port their games." Additionally, the company is now going to include a charging dock accessory to make sure you'll never have to deal with a depleted battery — even if GameStick's battery life is already estimated to be around 40 hours. There's still time to contribute to GameStick, which is a less powerful Android gaming platform that Ouya but is more portable. The earliest shipments are slated to begin in March, though most backers will receive the device in April.