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Microsoft wants influence over privatized Dell, reports WSJ

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dell logo stock
dell logo stock

If Microsoft is going to invest in Dell's privatization, Redmond wants to have some say over the company's future roadmap and key decisions. That's according to The Wall Street Journal, which reports Microsoft's potential role has become something of a "sticking point" as negotiations to end Dell's days as a publicly traded company continue. Last week it was revealed that Microsoft is considering throwing in between $1 billion and $3 billion to help right the course of its troubled OEM partner.

According to the Journal, an arrangement being floated currently includes nearly 16 percent of founder Michael Dell's stake in his company, Silver Lake Partners, and Microsoft, with $15 billion worth of debt financing kicked in from various banks. But clearly Microsoft wants some influence to ensure it's investment doesn't go for naught. If nothing else, it could spawn changes to their commercial relationship. One scenario would see Dell use Microsoft's Windows software in a "vast majority" of its devices, signaling a potential end to Dell's flirtation with Linux. Despite the snag, sources tell the Wall Street Journal that a deal remains on track and could be made public within days.