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Sony adds high-quality 320kbps streaming to Music Unlimited for Android, web, and PS3

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Sony Music Unlimited Update
Sony Music Unlimited Update

We've never found Sony's Music Unlimited to be the most user-friendly service around, but for those who joined on the cheap or have little other option it's reasonably functional — and things just got a little better with the addition of high-quality streaming. That's if you use the service on Android, PS3, or a web browser, at least, where you'll be able to listen to music in 320kbps AAC format. Although Spotify already offers 320kbps streams on mobile devices, the quality bump is a big improvement for Music Unlimited, which previously played back tracks at just 48kbps.

We tested it out, and sure enough the service now sounds a lot better on our Android devices than iOS — though you do have to manually activate it, as Sony recommends a Wi-Fi connection. The company says that high-quality streaming will be extended to other platforms later in the year, which should include iOS and the PS Vita.