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The Verge at CES 2013: prepare for impact

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The biggest show in the industry is happening again, and The Verge will capture it all

Gallery Photo: The Verge live at CES 2012
Gallery Photo: The Verge live at CES 2012

Yes, it's that time of year again. CES time. The most wonderful time of the year. If you like CES. Or consumers. Or electronics. Or shows. Regardless, CES 2013 is nearly upon us. The show officially starts on January 8th, but we're already on the ground in Las Vegas, and you'll begin to see news popping in just a few days.

As you may or may not know, CES has historically been the biggest tech trade show of the year, and although this year's CES has some notable omissions (Microsoft, for starters), you can still expect a crazy flood of technology news. In fact, there's little question that over the next week or so, you'll see a higher volume of news than at any other time of the year.

For The Verge, we start with this question: how do you get all of that news to a reader? How do you make it make sense to someone who isn't on the floor of the show or attending the dozens of events that happen during CES? And secondly, how do you find the news and the stories that no one else has? How do you tell the bigger story of technology culture at a show like CES? This year, we think we've got better tools than ever to roundup all of the news that's really important and tell the stories you're not going to read anywhere else.

Today we're launching our CES 2013 hub, a "front page" for the show

Today we're launching our CES 2013 hub — a centralized "front page" for the show where you can see all of the breaking news and big stories as they happen. We've customized this page to give you a mix of real time news, longer form reporting, and upfront access to our video feed — which will be a heady blend of live shows, exclusive interviews, features, and hands-on content you can't get anywhere else. We'll have more original content and reporting this year than ever before, and likely more than anyone else on the internet, so you'll want to keep things locked to that page for the duration of the show. Right now you'll see mostly stories from CES 2012 in that hub, but rest assured that in a few days, the page will be flooded with breaking news from the 2013 show.

Additionally, we're delivering a big, fat pipe of CES news in our new CES 2013 Newswire — a chronological list of everything we're publishing. A place for info-junkies to catch up on every single story that hits our CES 2013 hub, so you don't miss a single thing. And of course we'll be publishing all the biggest pieces of news right to our homepage, which will have new modules tailored just for CES.

We have so much going on around CES, I actually need to break it out in bullet points. So here's what's happening on The Verge for CES 2013:

  • StoryStreams of all the biggest news and most interesting stories. Using our patent-pending technology to hand-curate news, you'll never feel left out in the cold while trying to follow the peaks and valleys of CES.
  • Non-stop video content. A mixture of live and pre-recorded shows including our new CES morning show (First!), an afternoon roundup (Top Shelf) and of course our award-winning, NSFW Vergecast After Hours. We'll also have exclusive interviews and product demos from across the industry.
  • Ninety on Ninety. Do you love 90 Seconds on The Verge? Then you'll love 90 on 90, a show every 90 minutes during primetime at CES giving you all the breaking news as it happens.
  • Big time live-event coverage. Live blogs from all of the major companies (and even some of the smaller ones) showing their stuff at CES 2013. Luckily we'll be using our homegrown Syllabus liveblogging tool, the fastest and most stable liveblog experience you can get. Need to know when events are happening? Just check our handy schedule of events on the CES hub.
  • The CES Newswire: A raw feed of all our CES stories in chronological order. You can also grab an RSS feed of all of our CES content (subscribe right here).
  • Breakneck news reporting from the biggest and best team in the industry. We're sending more than 60 people to Las Vegas (editors, reporters, video, ops, and developers) to cover the show — so if you're wondering where to find all the stories, wonder no more. We'll be staked out in our double-wide trailer just outside the show, as well as in a new spot right on the show floor!
  • In-depth reporting, longform features, and opinions you can't get anywhere else. Hey, it's The Verge at CES!

Still not convinced it's going to be a crazy, amazing time? Just watch this video from our last CES... and get ready!