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Exploring Chernobyl through the lens of a camera

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Chernobyl Pripyat hospital timm suess
Chernobyl Pripyat hospital timm suess

Ukraine's Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was the site of one of history's worst nuclear accidents, when an experiment destroyed reactor number 4 and exposed hundreds of people to high levels of radiation. The site of the April 26, 1986 disaster is still uninhabitable, but remains a popular location for photographers looking to explore the abandoned structures. Photographer Timm Suess traveled to Chernobyl in 2009, and The Atlantic has featured a collection of photos from a nearby abandoned hospital. Suess's journal, videos from his trip, and ambient sound of the area, as well as more photos of schools, an amusement park, and a ship graveyard are also available on his blog.