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Sprint to offer its own pre-paid smartphone plan with unlimited data

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Sprint store (STOCK)
Sprint store (STOCK)

Sprint will begin offering its own branded pay-as-you-go plan starting January 25th, according to internal training material obtained by Android Police. The new Sprint As You Go service for smartphones will cost $70 a month, and includes unlimited talk, text, and web, but data roaming is not covered. A feature phone plan will be introduced as well for $50 per month. Unlike Sprint MVNOs Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, it appears that Sprint will not throttle data speeds — although the alternatives are cheaper in terms of monthly cost, with unlimited plans for Boost and Virgin valued at $50 and $55 a month, respectively.

At launch, Sprint As You Go smartphone options will be limited to just the LG Optimus Elite and Samsung Victory, and while both devices are available through the carrier on contract, current owners of either handset will have to buy a new phone to take advantage of the pre-paid plan. It's important to note that Samsung's offering lacks the "4G LTE" branding in its name, so it may be limited to 3G speeds. The Optimus Elite will be available for purchase for $149.99 and the Victory can be picked up for $249.99; two Samsung feature phones will also be offered for lower prices. For those looking to enjoy unlimited data without the hassle of contracts and cell phone bills, the Sprint As You Go plan seems like it will be a viable option if you're willing to drop some extra cash for the freedom to browse without limits.