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Pebble promises 'big news' at CES on January 9th

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Pebble CES Invite
Pebble CES Invite

Pebble, the massively successful smartwatch Kickstarter project, will make an announcement at CES. The invitation, seen above, tells backers that "it's time" and invites them to watch a livestream of the event on Pebble's site at 12pm ET on January 9th. Though all we're promised is "big news," the invitation hints at a possible product launch — something that's a bit overdue for Pebble. The watches were originally set to ship in September of 2012, but the challenge of producing enough for over 85,000 pre-orders (compared to an original planned run of 1,000) pushed that date back. Though Pebble hasn't given a timetable for shipment, it's previously said it's keeping to an "aggressive" production schedule, and CES provides both a major event to launch at and an opportunity to show it's keeping to that timetable.