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New CBS Connect app offers second-screen content on the iPad, but no streaming episodes

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cbs connect
cbs connect

Today, television giant CBS launched CBS Connect for the iPad, an app similar to Microsoft's SmartGlass that presents you with extra second-screen content based on the show you're watching. The app syncs with what you're watching whether it's live, on demand, or using DVR, and provides relevant content such as behind-the-scenes information, set and location spotlights, comments from the show's stars and creators, and aggregates conversations about the show from Twitter and Facebook. Although CBS Connect won't feature full episodes like HBO GO does, it will include episode previews, video clips, and the channel's primetime schedule. The app launched today content from CSI, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Hawaii Five-0 — with other shows to be added later this year — and is available for free in the iTunes App Store.