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Skrillex makes 'Leaving' EP freely available on YouTube

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Skrillex today uploaded a new three song EP, Leaving, to his YouTube account. The mini-album was also made available via The Nest, Skrillex's $12-monthly membership service on, but it seems the musician wanted his fans to have an even easier time getting to the new material. Despite the industry-backed sources for music videos like Vevo and YouTube's built-in mechanisms to detect copyrighted content, Google's video site remains a popular hub for users to illegally upload music. Still, some artists — with Skrillex now among them — have recognized the quick exposure offered by the platform. As for what's on the EP, it contains "Scary Bolly Dub," a song that's been part of his DJ sets for some time, along with two new tracks that recently recorded on the road, according to Rolling Stone.