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New iHome Lightning-compatible iPhone and iPad docks will be on display at CES 2013

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iDL100 iHome dock
iDL100 iHome dock

Another year, another lineup of iHome docks for your iOS devices — but this year's are a bit more exciting, as they're compatible with Apple's new Lightning connector found on the latest iPods, iPads, and iPhone. The headlining item in the lineup is probably the $149.99 iDL100 alarm clock dock, which features three separate connections — two Lightning ports as well as one standard USB port for legacy devices. There's also an auxiliary jack for standard 3.5mm audio cables, and the alarm clock syncs itself to whatever the time set on your iOS devices is. There's also the more modest $99.99 iDL45 alarm clock dock, which features a single Lightning connection as well as a USB port and 3.5mm jack.

For those that prefer going wireless, iHome also announced some new Bluetooth-compatible speakers — there's a new alarm clock, the iBT20, which includes a USB jack for charging and can play audio from most Bluetooth-compatible device, including Android and iOS devices. There's also the boombox-styled iBT44, which retails for $199.99. It's similar in style to the existing iHome iP4, but offers Bluetooth audio so a wider range of devices can connect to it. Lastly, there's the small iBT88, a pair of mini stereo rechargeable Bluetooth speakers. While there's no word on exactly when these products will be available, we'll get a chance to put iHome's new lineup through the paces next week at CES.