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Samsung Galaxy S III security fix reportedly rolling out to UK users

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Samsung Galaxy S III pebble blue (STOCK)
Samsung Galaxy S III pebble blue (STOCK)

Last month Samsung confirmed that all of its phones running the Exynos 4210 or 4412 processors — including some models of the Galaxy S III — were vulnerable to a nasty security exploit, but that a fix was forthcoming. It appears that process has started. SamMobile reports that an update has been rolling out to Galaxy S III users in the United Kingdom, and the site has confirmed that it does solve the vulnerability in question. Those able to access the fix can update their phones over the air or via Samsung's Kies software. There's no word yet on when the update will be rolling out elsewhere, though that won't be much of a concern for most US owners; the domestic versions of the Galaxy S III use a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, rendering them immune to the vulnerability.