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Toyota to show off self-driving car at CES

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lexus self driving car
lexus self driving car

Google and Volvo aren't the only companies interested in autonomous, self-driving cars. Toyota is promising to show off the Lexus AASRV (Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle) at the show. The car is part of a larger program, based in North America, which doesn't look to be as far along as Google's efforts. Toyota has retrofitted a Lexus LS 600h with radar, cameras, and possibly a laser system to help it recognize its surroundings, the Wall Street Journal points out, and Toyota has posted a tiny, five-second preview of the car driving along a track at speed. Toyota will hold a press conference on Monday describing the program and also some car-to-car communication — a technology Volvo has been touting recently.

Audi will also be at the show, but with a smaller presence, showing off the kind of self-parking features that are becoming more common in production vehicles. Both companies have a lot of catching up to do if they want to capture the self-driving-car zeitgeist Google has accumulated. Assuming they do, it could mean they will join Google in lobbying for regulations that are more in tune with current technology and perhaps improve safety on the roads.