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J.J. Abrams wants 'Star Wars' sequel to tell 'personal, intimate, and emotional' story

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jj abrams stock (credit flickr)
jj abrams stock (credit flickr)

Now that Lucasfilm has confirmed J.J. Abrams as the director of Star Wars Episode VII, fans everywhere are wondering what direction the Star Trek director will take the beloved sci-fi franchise. Star Wars Blog has collected some of Abrams' comments from the past six years, reminding us of the deep appreciation that the director has for Star Wars and sci-fi in general.

Back in 2008, Abrams said that his favorite thing about the films is their "ability to tell an incredibly personal, intimate, and emotional story against a backdrop of conflict and battle that's planetary and massive." He added that he wants to see "a story about characters that I am desperately entertained by and definitely care about... keep that story as focused as possible, and make more of that than the pyrotechnics of it all." Although the screenplay for the first sequel will be handled by Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt, Abrams' comments give a clear indication of what he wants to achieve with Episode VII.