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Thorsten Heins says BlackBerry plans to upgrade 'all existing PlayBooks' to BB10

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BlackBerry 10 Thorsten stock 640
BlackBerry 10 Thorsten stock 640

As part of a post-presentation Q&A, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins answered a question about RIM's future with tablets and whether the ill-fated PlayBook would be upgraded to BlackBerry 10. Fortunately for those who purchased the company's first tablet, the answer was affirmative. "Our plan is to upgrade all existing PlayBooks to BlackBerry 10," Heins said. As for future tablets, he was a little more cagey — it sounds like future plans will depend on how successful BlackBerry is with its reinvention. "The way we look at tablets right now is it is difficult on a cost to profits standpoint," Heins said, "so we are still exploring various use cases for it." That's not exactly a ringing endorsement, but tablets that aren't the iPad have certainly had a tough go in the marketplace so far — it wouldn't surprise us if BlackBerry wanted to wait until his new phones and OS were on more stable ground first.