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BlackBerry Z10 'Smart Cover,' Bluetooth speaker, and auxiliary battery charger revealed

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BlackBerry — formerly known as RIM — has just revealed its Z10 full-touch smartphone, and here at the launch event it has a few accessories for the new device under glass. Among a plethora of cases, the company has a nifty charger that includes a slot for a backup battery. The idea is that you'll be able to charge your phone and the backup battery at the same time, though we're told that you'll also be able to use the kit as a portable charger if for some reason you don't want to swap out batteries. In addition, there's a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker on display that can clip onto a messenger bag strap. We're not sure how many people will use that feature, but the accessory doubles as a speakerphone, and it has an auxiliary port so you can play music wirelessly on your stereo or car system if it lacks its own Bluetooth connectivity. In terms of cases, there's a fairly standard assortment of slide-out models, but there's also a case that apes the Smart Cover design a bit. We're told that all of the cases will not impede NFC functionality, if that's important to you, but there's no information yet on when we might see these for sale or how much they'll cost.