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Infinite Street View takes you on a tour as far as Google's eye can see

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Go beyond maps to find a sense of place

infinite street view
infinite street view

Google Street View is great for exploring when you know where you want to look (and sometimes even when you don't), but it typically forces you to travel down the pre-determined paths and trails on a map. Infinite Street View, created by web developer Noah Veltman, takes you beyond Google Maps to explore unending glimpses of a specified area. The design is simple, but effective; by entering a starting point and selecting a radius between 0.5 and 10 miles, the website will provide a scrollable column of randomly-selected Street View images from that area. The creator says he tried to find a balance between small areas and diverse results, and while 0.5 miles may still be a bit big for city viewing, he says he'll add an option to view "two blocks" in the future. (Update: that was quick! Shortly after this story was published, Veltman updated the site with the new two-block radius option.)

While it's certainly not the most practical way to view Street View data in some cases, it's perfect for others — like finding unexpected nostalgia in your hometown, or exploring the character of a place you've never been.