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Nest reportedly shipping over 40,000 Learning Thermostats every month

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Gallery Photo: Nest 2G hands-on
Gallery Photo: Nest 2G hands-on

It's been nearly a year since Nest, makers of the coolest thermostat on the market, were sued by industry stalwart Honeywell, but that hasn't stopped the company from finding success. According to a report from GigaOm, Nest is now shipping 40,000 to 50,000 Learning Thermostats every month — and if Nest continues growing at this rate, it would be selling around one million thermostats per year. That's pretty impressive for a product that's a bit of a luxury — most houses probably don't have $250 thermostats, after all. It's worth noting that this is shipments, not sales, but GigaOm's source says that they track closely.

While the lawsuit was a bit of bad news for the company, there are also a lot of reasons for Nest's good fortune. Last year the Learning Thermostat became available in Apple's online store as well as in Canada, a software update expanded its functionality, and a slimmed-down new model hit store shelves. Perhaps thanks to all this good fortune, GigaOm is also reporting that the company has received another $80 million in funding after the company received a post-money valuation of $800 million. We reached out to Nest, but unfortunately the company was unable to confirm or deny both the funding news and the monthly sales figures.