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Microsoft confirms CardDAV and CalDAV support are coming to Windows Phone

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Windows Phone Google Sync
Windows Phone Google Sync

We reported moments ago that Google was extending Windows Phone support for Exchange ActiveSync until July 31st — no doubt bringing a sigh of relief to users of Microsoft's mobile OS — and now Redmond has confirmed that a long-term solution is in the works. In a blog post, the company states that the Windows Phone team is building in support for both the CalDAV and the CardDAV protocols. The addition will let Windows Phone users sync their calendars and contacts with Google's services, while the IMAP support already built into the OS will allow access to Gmail.

Google had previously allowed users to take advantage of Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync protocol to sync with its services across a variety of different platforms, but announced in December it would stop allowing new EAS connections. The information created yet another point of contention between Microsoft and Google, who have found themselves increasingly at odds on a number of different fronts.

In conjunction with the day's news, Microsoft also published another blog post directed towards Windows 8 and Windows RT users. Essentially, the associated support document states that Windows 8 and Windows RT users trying to add Google accounts after today simply won't be able to use their Google account with Microsoft's Calendar app, and if they'd like to incorporate their Google-based contacts they'll have to do so by adding that account to their Microsoft account first.

Redmond doesn't miss the opportunity to take a gentle dig at its rival, however — telling users that "Of course, this could also be a good time to simply switch to"