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Google Earth updated with over 100,000 new tours of popular locales around the world

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Google Earth Tour Guide
Google Earth Tour Guide

Google today added over 100,000 new tours to the "tour guide" feature of Google Earth, which steers you through popular destinations while offering suggestions for other nearby places to visit. These sites are spread across more than 200 countries, according to Google. Not to be confused with the company's Field Trip app, tour guide lets you explore interesting locales via 3D flyover and also provides background info from Wikipedia as you're swiping through. And for the first time, Google has amassed and integrated more than one million user-generated Panoramio photos with Earth so you can view your entire surroundings at many of these tour stops. No extra download are necessary to get started with tours; you just need to be running the current version of Google Earth (7.0) for desktop, Android, or iOS.