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Vimeo introduces content rating system as 'first step' to make videos more accessible

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Vimeo logo 560
Vimeo logo 560

Video hosting site Vimeo is today debuting a new rating system for user-uploaded clips. As of now, your choices couldn't get much simpler: moving forward, all videos on the site will be labeled "All Ages," "Mature," or "Not Yet Rated." As you'd expect, videos that feature profane language, nudity, or violence will need to carry a mature rating. Developing the rating system meant Vimeo had to acknowledge the fact that some viewers may be uncomfortable with certain content on the site. "But the truth is that one cannot ignore the naked, the violent, and the swearing when striving to capture the breadth of the human condition," writes Paul Simoneschi in a blog post explaining the addition. "Uncomfortable subjects, even discomfort itself, are essential components of our shared experience, and artists need the freedom to express them."

Vimeo says ratings are just the "first step" of a plan the company hopes will make its service accessible to all age groups. Eventually it wants to implement a filtering system that will return only results deemed appropriate by each user. The new system debuts as controversy swirls around Apple's often inconsistent approach to shielding young users from NSFW content on iOS devices. Ratings aren't yet visible in Vimeo's iOS app, though we'd expect them to make an appearance before long.