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Wii U TiVo integration and Google Maps reportedly delayed from planned January launch

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Nintendo TVii
Nintendo TVii

Nintendo's TVii service for the Wii U launched a little later than the console itself, and one of its key features was missing when it did. TiVo integration was absent, but it was supposed to be added by the end of January, but it looks like it'll be delayed again. Engadget reports that TiVo integration for US users has been delayed beyond January and will instead come sometime in "early 2013." While users can certainly still take advantage of most of what TVii offers at the moment, those with TiVo units will likely be a bit frustrated by this new delay.

That's not the only service-related delay Nintendo has to report today, either. Google Maps was scheduled to be available to users for free from January through March, but it sounds like it won't be launching on time either. The new timeframe is "first quarter of 2013," so hopefully Google Maps won't be too delayed from its original timeline. We're not quite sure exactly how useful Google Maps on the Wii U would be, anyway, so this delay hopefully won't inconvenience too many users. We've reached out to Nintendo to try and find out more details on when these products will launch and will update this post with anything we learn.