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Siri Eyes Free mode coming to 2013 Honda Accord, two Acura models later this year

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Honda steering wheel stock 1020
Honda steering wheel stock 1020

Honda has announced that support for Siri's Eyes Free mode will be coming to the 2013 Accord and Acura RDX / ILX models "later this year." The auto manufacturer says car owners will need to take eligible models to their local dealer for an optional installation that enables the special Siri mode, which lets drivers use Apple's personal assistant while keeping their hands on the steering wheel. Additionally, Eyes Free prevents your iPhone's screen from lighting up when active, cutting back on unnecessary distractions.

Apple first unveiled Siri Eyes Free at last year's WWDC, announcing that over nine automakers (including Honda) had signed on as partners for the initiative. Now we know which specific car models will be receiving the functionality, though it's rather unfortunate that Eyes Free mode won't be integrated with the Honda Civic — a popular choice among young car shoppers.