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'Westeroscraft' could be the best-looking 'Minecraft' world ever made

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Plenty of mind-boggling Minecraft creations have sprouted up since the game's launch in 2011, but it's difficult to look away from this Game of Thrones-themed world. The team behind "Westeroscraft" has painstakingly worked to recreate a continent in George R. R. Martin's fantasy world, and some of the team's beautiful work (image gallery here) has been feverishly shared on the web. A Reddit user claiming to be a Westeroscraft creator posted that the team just finished working on Kings Landing — a city that they say features 3,000 unique buildings with fully-decorated interiors. But the best news is that the makers of Westeroscraft plan to turn the currently-private game into a "giant, open world RPG with quests and NPCs."