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The Vergecast 063: Blackberry is back, Pebble smartwatch

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If BlackBerry doesn't want to be called Research in Motion anymore, maybe The Vergecast should take that brand instead. Let's not worry about legalities for now and just brainstorm for a bit. It's research... and it's always in motion. We're always in motion — we are beholden to the linear passage of time, of course. But is our "research" happening in motion? Maybe it's not "research" so much as it is "shenanigans." Maybe we can just buy part of the name — "in motion," which is 2/3 of the words, 3/5 of the syllables, and 1/2 of the letters (spaces not included) - and call it "Shenanigans in Motion."

Eh, you know what? The Vergecast isn't half bad. Let's stick with it.