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In Tettix's 'Solace,' the concept art is the game

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Plenty of notgames and exploration titles already exist mostly to make a philosophical point, tell a story, or showcase beautiful work in other areas. So really, why bother to go beyond the conceptual stage? Musician Tettix has decided that's the way to deal with Solace, a "game" composed entirely of concept art and music. Each song in his new album inspired art from a different level, and Tettix says he can "see the composition and concepts of the game with great clarity. But you can imagine whatever you like." Far be it from us to weigh in on whether games can be art, but Tettix may have inadvertently found the single greatest way to sidestep the debate, while creating some excellent music along the way. Solace is truly cross-platform — as long as your device can unpack a zip file — and can be found at his site.