Can we talk about The Next Web for a few minutes?


I've started checking in to Techmeme lately, and I notice that there are a lot of The Next Web (TNW) stories. A lot. But they all seem to follow a formula. Press release is posted, or announcement made. TNW very quickly re-writes the press release, adds a tiny bit of insight and posts it ASAP. Inevitably, Techmeme picks up the story, which is usually very thing. Yet it is widely attributed for "breaking" the story by being the first to post the press release. I've seen The Verge credit them on many occasions where the TNW brief contained essentially nothing that couldn't be found in the public release or announcement.

I really don't get it. Whenever I forget to check the news source and click through to a TNW article, I always walk away with the feeling that I could've gotten the same info from the 6 bullets from the press release. Yet it's an unstoppable force on Techmeme. Does anyone visit TNW homepage? I get the sense that nearly all their traffic is via Techmeme or similar. Myself, I've never been the least bit interested in reading another story on TNW after finishing reading yet another press release re-write.