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When a will isn't enough: medical bracelet asks EMTs to erase browser history

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medical browser bracelet
medical browser bracelet

Medical alert bracelets are typically used to warn EMTs of critical information as they're hurriedly working to save your life, including any allergies to medications you may have. But it turns out they can also serve as a last-ditch effort to ensure no one will go digging through your browser history if things go bad. An image of an engraved bracelet uploaded on imgur (and subsequently posted to Reddit) contains simple, concise instructions: "delete my browser history." This particular bracelet is more of a good-natured gag rather than a serious directive — it's unlikely paramedics would be going anywhere near your computer in an emergency, after all.

Still, why stop with your browser? As the Reddit thread's most popular comment suggests, it may be more sensible to ask EMTs to nuke your hard drive entirely. But be warned that such drastic measures (and even routine privacy precautions) can raise significant hurdles for executors and others charged with handling your estate. So it's a wise idea to make sure someone knows how to access the digital life you could unexpectedly one day leave behind. And even then, saying goodbye can still prove difficult.