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RCA's upcoming Mobile TV Tablet features two tuners for live television broadcasts

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rca mobile tv tablet
rca mobile tv tablet

RCA has announced that it will be launching a Mobile TV Tablet with a pair of tuners for those who want to watch live television on the go. Priced at $299 and set for release in the spring, the Android-powered Mobile TV Tablet features an 8-inch display with a 1024 x 768 resolution, a Cortex A5 1GHz processor, and 1GB of RAM, as well as an over-the-air tuner and a Dyle TV-compatible mobile TV tuner. Dyle TV allows users to view live television content from major stations over-the-air, and is currently only available through Metro PCS' Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G and iPads or iPhones that are paired with the Elgato EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner attachment. Viewers will also have access to on-screen program information and closed captioning, but unfortunately the device doesn't have DVR capabilities, despite its 8GB of on-board storage. RCA claims that the tablet's battery can last up to 10 hours when web browsing, but only four hours in mobile TV mode.

Although there are plenty of choices for watching shows or movies on Android devices, the biggest advantage with the Mobile TV Tablet is that, since all broadcasts are transmitted over-the-air, data coverage and usage are of no concern. On the downside, the channel selection through both the standard tuner and Dyle TV are very limited — in San Francisco, Dyle TV only offers five channels, including Fox, NBC, and Telemundo. Additionally, while the standard tuner and its telesopic antenna may have access to more stations, it can only be utilized when the device is stationary, so viewers travelling in a vehicle are stuck with Dyle TV's offerings. Still, if live television broadcasts are important to you, there aren't many other options besides RCA's upcoming tablet.