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'Boil the Frog' connects the musical dots, makes discovery easier

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boil the frog
boil the frog

Paul Lamere's last project, the Infinite Jukebox, let you listen to your favorite songs forever, but his newest project aims to help you discover brand new favorites. Boil the Frog uses artist similarity statistics from the Echo Nest to create a path between any two artists of your choosing, and then the webapp compiles a playlist of songs illustrating the gradual change from one artist to the other. The goal, Lamere says, is to change the music styles so gradually that the listener won't even notice the change, like the proverbial frog in boiling water. The app connects with Rdio to play the songs, so those without an Rdio subcription can only hear the first 30 seconds of each song in the playlist, but anyone with a basic Rdio account can add the playlists. This is technically the second version of the app, which was created for Spotify early last year, but never released.