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Harman announces $399 JBL Rumble speaker as support for Apple's Lightning standard grows

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It's been a long time coming, but CES 2013 looks destined to be the biggest showcase yet for iOS speaker docks and other accessories that support Apple's Lightning connector. Take Harman for example, which today announced another two JBL speakers to complement those it introduced in November. The $149 OnBeat Mini slots in between its existing Venue LT ($199) and OnBeat Micro ($99). Like the Micro, the Mini is being touted more for its portability than any revelations in sound. For that, the company is announcing its high-end JBL Rumble at $399.95, and as the name implies, strong bass performance is the clear focus here. Harman claims the Rumble offers "thunderous performance" and will include unspecified streaming capabilities for "other" non-Lightning devices.

iHome announced yesterday that it too will be exhibiting a new line of speakers ready for Apple's latest devices in Las Vegas, and we've started to see the first third-party Lightning cables trickle out as well. No one's expecting the ecosystem of Lightning products to match that of the 30-pin dock connector in the near future, but CES looks as though it will make for a good starting point.