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New Google TV product from Asus to be shown off at CES, 'Nexus' device may be on its way

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2012 was supposed to be a big year for Google TV, and while that didn't quite pan out, Google is planning to start 2013 on the right foot at CES. The search company has revealed that new Google TV products from Asus, Hisense, and TCL will be shown off at the convention. The most promising of those three is undoubtedly Asus, which was already rumored to launch its Qube Google TV set-top box at CES. The Qube may be part of Google's Nexus program, which would make it the marquee Google TV device. With the new partners, Google says it has nine partners for the fledgling TV software, with the major holdouts being Samsung (which has previously announced, but not released, Google TV products) and Panasonic. Google also promises that we'll see some updates from existing partners like Sony, LG, and Vizio, and we'll be there live next week to see what they have to show us.