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Google adds 'free for print subscriber' option to Play Store magazines

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Google Play Magazine Subscriptions
Google Play Magazine Subscriptions

Though some magazines grant free online access to people who subscribe to the print version, Google's Play Store didn't initially reflect that possibility. Now, however, it's added a "free for print subscribers" option, which will let users get some of its magazines at no extra cost. If the publisher chooses to add free access, users will be asked to verify their subscription, then complete a $0.00 transaction. From that point onward, the Play subscription will run until its print counterpart expires.

Certain magazine apps on Apple's iTunes — like Newsweek (before ending its print run) and People — were already free for print subscribers, and so far, we've found a similar spread of options on Play, including People, Time, and publications from Condé Nast. The only caveat is that we're only seeing the chance to verify your print subscription in the Play app — not the web-based store.