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Sprint launching prepaid service January 25th, T-Mobile may add unlimited data to Monthly4G

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Sprint store (STOCK)
Sprint store (STOCK)

It appears the rumors were true: Sprint will be launching its own prepaid service with unlimited data on January 25th. Fierce Wireless has confirmed the launch of the new service, dubbed "Sprint As You Go." As suspected, the service will come in two price tiers: $70 a month for smartphones, or $50 a month for feature phones. Both plans will feature unlimited data, texting, and voice, though premium options like Sprint Navigation and tethering won't be included. The real catch, however, comes with the device selection. The carrier will only be offering four devices in total — two for each tier — with the LG Optimus Elite available for $150, and the LTE-capable Samsung Victory priced at $250. Sprint spokesperson Jayne Wallace told Fierce Wireless that the new plans will only be available through Sprint-branded retail locations.

T-Mobile also appears to see value in offering more options to prepaid users, with TmoNews posting promotional materials for a new unlimited data tier to that carrier's Monthly4G service. The new tier is said to roll out to customers on January 9th and will replace the current $70 tier, swapping out the current package's 5GB data cap for unlimited data. The new plan could prove to be a tempting option — especially for those iPhone owners that don't mind doing without LTE.