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The Verge Playlist: 1993 was a good year for music

The Verge Playlist: 1993 was a good year for music

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If you were alive and sentient in 1993, it was an amazing year for music. That year is having a 20 year anniversary now, and as we move into the craziness that is CES we decided to make a 1993 playlist deserving of that event.

Making a playlist is a subjective exercise with subjective results, so you'd get a lot of different answers to the question, "what was 1993 like for music?" I left off plenty of good stuff, and a lot of very popular songs, and plenty of songs I simply don't like. Still, looking through the songs which I have chosen, it seems to me that the '90s were quite varied in their musical offerings. Enjoy revisiting 1993, or, if you're younger than that, enjoy discovering it for the first time. I've made Rdio and Spotify playlists which you can subscribe to, and also a text list below. Also note that "Alien She," by Bikini Kill is not available on Spotify. You can find our previous playlists here.

1. "Animal Nitrate," Suede
2. "Out There," Dinosaur Jr.
3. "I Heard Ramona Sing," Frank Black
4. "From the Curve," Superchunk
5. "Yuri-G," PJ Harvey
6. "Creep," Radiohead
7. "I Feel You," Depeche Mode
8. "Regret," New Order
9. "Linger," The Cranberries
10. "Full Moon, Empty Heart," Belly
11. "Thermal Treasure," Polvo
12. "Blue Jeans," Blur
13. "Machine Gun," Slowdive
14. "Throwaway," Bratmobile
15. "La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)," Manic Street Preachers
16. "Strange Loop," Liz Phair
17. "One Day," Bjork
18. "Feelin' Massachusetts," The Juliana Hatfield Three
19. "No Aloha," The Breeders
20. "Last Word," Archers of Loaf
21. "Serve the Servants," Nirvana
22. "American Jesus," Bad Religion
23. "Into Dust," Mazzy Star
24. "Down About It," The Lemonheads
25 "Alien She," Bikini Kill
26. "Gentlemen," The Afghan Whigs
27. "Go," Pearl Jam
28. "Runaway Train," Soul Asylum
29. "Cherub Rock," The Smashing Pumpkins