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The Verge Playlist: Laura June's '90s jams

The Verge Playlist: Laura June's '90s jams

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Now that's
Now that's

Here's my Rdio playlist, which I spent two days making. All of the songs except one are from the '90s, which is when I was a teenager and most of my rather simple musical tastes were formed. I like bands with instruments, songs under four minutes and female voices. I also like Megadeth, but I left that out in favor of a more cohesive list.

I used to spend hours making playlists when I was a teenager, and it's been really interesting for me to watch it be so weirdly and refreshingly resurrected by services like Spotify and Rdio. I feel like playlists in the sense of making them to share seriously dipped off there for a while in the early 2000s, so I'm happy they're back, at least for me.

1. Outdoor Miner - Lush
2. For Ex-Lovers Only - Black Tambourine
3. New Year - The Breeders
4. In the City - Elastica
5. No Guilt - The Waitresses
6. In the Back of My Mind - that dog
7. Zurich is Stained - Pavement
8. You Can See Me - Supergrass
9. Cut-out Witch - Guided by Voices
10. Oh My Dear - Ween
11. Missed - PJ Harvey
12. Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill
13. You Were Right - Built to Spill
14. Dance Song '97 - Sleater-Kinney

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