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Lenovo splits Think brand into separate group to better compete with Apple

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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge stock 640
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge stock 640

Lenovo will be splitting its internal operations into two groups: Lenovo for mid- and low-range products, and Think for higher-end products currently associated with the ThinkPad. According to an internal email published through Sina Tech and reported by Engadget's Richard Lai, the company will be reorganizing under two separate groups and splitting how it will handle each brand. Starting in April, Lenovo Business Group will handle mid-range laptops, desktop, and tablet computers, as well as smart TVs. Think Business Group, meanwhile, will be aimed at producing enterprise machines and high-end consumer products. In the email, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing notes that Think is best positioned to compete with Apple in the high-end market.

Recent rumors from Digitimes have said that Lenovo plans to move its notebook production in-house within three to five years, a move that could make it easier for the company to produce its own high-end hardware. If this is happening, it could also be part of this larger restructuring effort. Lenovo has consistently performed well worldwide in a struggling notebook industry, though the brand is less successful in the US, and the company now seems to be pushing to distinguish itself by splitting out its best-known name.