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A visual comparison of every jumbotron in the NFL

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nfl jumbotron infographic
nfl jumbotron infographic

Cowboys Stadium currently boasts the largest jumbotron in the NFL — a behemoth of an LED measuring 160 feet wide and 72 feet tall — but how does Dallas' Texas-sized display compare to the rest of the NFL's set ups? That's the question that graphic designer Daniel Beaton set out to answer with a straightforward infographic. Beaton originally posted his design to an NFL subreddit, and as you can see above, it does a great job of proving the obvious: the Cowboys' jumbotron is enormous, literally dwarfing just about every other team's display. As Fast Company points out, however, Dallas will soon face some stiff competition from their regional rivals, as the Houston Texans have recently approved plans to build a screen measuring nearly 280 feet in width.