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Sprint teases Windows Phone 8 is 'coming soon'

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Sprint Windows Phone stock
Sprint Windows Phone stock

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have all unveiled Windows Phone 8 devices for their networks, but Sprint has been a noticeable exception so far. It appears that will change soon though, with the company promising that "Windows Phone 8 is coming soon!" in a support site launched earlier this week. Sprint previously revealed it was working with Microsoft to offer Windows Phone 8 devices on its network in 2013, with no specific timelines.

If the company is updating its support documentation already to note Windows Phone 8 is coming soon, it's likely we'll see some type of announcement at CES or perhaps Mobile World Congress next month. Sprint has only ever released one Windows Phone, the HTC Arrive, back in early 2011. A fresh range of Windows Phone 8 devices will please Sprint fans who have have previously had to consider switching to a rival network to get a greater choice of Windows Phone handsets.

Thanks, Ryan!