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Crayola Light Marker for iPad lets you 'paint in the air' for $29.99

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Crayola Light Pen
Crayola Light Pen

Griffin Technology has announced a partnership with Crayola which has resulted in a cute and innovative drawing tool for use with the iPad. Called the Crayola Light Marker, the stylus works with an accompanying drawing app and lets you (or more likely the children in your life) "draw in the air" and watch your drawings appear on the tablet.

The app has six games bundled with it

The stylus works with the iPad's front facing camera to render your creations on the screen, and comes with several different bundled modes and games, such as classic connect the dots, edgy Splatter Paint, educational Puzzles, and Free Draw, which is just a blank slate for drawing.

The Crayola Light Marker and its free app will cost $29.99 and be available this spring.