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Spherical Ballo smartphone speaker is the belle of the ball

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There are countless external speakers for smartphones, but OYO's new Ballo speakers are perhaps some of the most stylish that we have ever seen. Conceived by Swiss designer Bernard Burkhard, the Ballo promises to offer 360 degrees of surround sound and enhanced bass response when the speaker is placed on a flat surface. The speaker itself is mono, but stereo sound can be achieved if two Ballo speakers are plugged into a stereo splitter.

The speaker is compatible with most smartphones, and owners can customize the look of the Ballo with ten different color bands that go around the speaker. Though the Ballo likely doesn't produce the best imaging or sound quality, it sure is one of the better looking smartphone speakers that we have seen. The Ballo can be ordered from OYO's online store for a price of $30.20 now.