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LaCie adds to growing Thunderbolt ecosystem with 20TB 5big RAID enclosure

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5big thunderbolt
5big thunderbolt

In addition to a wild Philippe Starck-designed external hard drive, LaCie has also announced a new five-bay Thunderbolt RAID solution called 5big. It'll be available in 10TB and 20TB configurations, and is apparently able to hit transfer speeds of up to 785MB per second with the right drives, which LaCie says is fast enough for video editors to work directly from the external array. It's also equipped with an additional Thunderbolt port so you can daisy chain additional devices together.

LaCie hasn't given us a release date for the 5big yet, but the 10TB version will cost $1199 — no word on how much the 20TB edition will cost yet, although you should expect it to priced considerably higher. There's also a Thunderbolt-less NAS Pro version that starts from a more-affordable $549 without storage. It's powered by a 2.13GHz processor with 4GB of RAM and has software from cloud storage firm Wuala that LaCie says will allow users to manage their cloud and local storage from a single interface.