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Parrot's new Flower Power project wants to help keep your plants alive

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parrot flower power
parrot flower power

Parrot, the company responsible for the well-known AR Drone, is working to make gardening easier with its brand new Flower Power project. Simply place the Flower Power device — which looks like a colorful leek — in the soil near any of your plants, pair the device with your iPhone or iPad, and you can track all of your plants' needs from anywhere. Once you've paired the device with your phone or tablet, you can choose your plant from a library of about 6000 plants, and if you're not certain of your plant's name, you can search by leaf type, color, and a number of other options.

The device updates the app every 15 minutes with information on how much sunlight your plant gets, its temperature, how wet the soil is, and whether or not it needs to be fertilized. The user-friendly interface displays this information in little bubbles that will flash red and send a push notification when your plants need immediate attention, plots the information in a graph so you can keep track of your plants' long-term progress, and best of all, creates a to-do list for all of your plants' needs so you'll never forget to water them.

The Flower Power device connects using Bluetooth, and Parrot tells us that you can pair and track an unlimited number of plants. We spent some time with the app, and found that the Flower Power project's user-friendly interface makes it a great way to keep track of gardening, a chore that can easily be forgotten. Parrot has only developed an app for iOS so far, but that may change by the time the Flower Power project is ready to be released.