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Seagate's Wireless Plus hard drive streams to tabs and phones, Central saves your media at home

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Seagate Central stock press 1020
Seagate Central stock press 1020

Network attached storage might not be the most exciting topic at CES 2012, but Seagate's got two intriguing spins on the idea. The $199 Wireless Plus is a 1TB portable hard drive with a battery and a wireless radio inside, allowing it to stream media to your mobile devices over AirPlay, DLNA, or a special app for Samsung Smart TVs. It's hardly the first attempt to build a wireless hard drive, but Seagate has some bold claims: the company says the Wireless Plus can stream three HD movies to three different devices at the same time, and last for up to ten hours on a charge. You'll also probably be able to load media onto the device fairly quickly, thanks to a removable USB 3.0 adapter.

Meanwhile, the Seagate Central is a play to put a single device in charge of all the media in your home: starting at $189.99 for the 2TB model, it's a network storage hub that the company claims will automatically backup every computer on your home network, regardless of whether they're running Windows or Mac OS X, organize all of your content by type, and then stream it as desired to iOS, Android, Kindle, and Samsung smart TVs and Blu-ray players, again via DLNA and AirPlay.

Seagate says the Wireless Plus will be available to purchase momentarily, while the Central should arrive in March with up to 4TB of storage.