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Seinfeld's successful 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' gets a second season

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Comedians in cars getting coffee
Comedians in cars getting coffee

Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee will return for a second season, according to The New York Times. Seinfeld will create 24 new episodes of the show, but the difficult task for the comedian will be to find a viable revenue stream for the show the first season was shown for free on the internet with no commercials. That doesn’t mean there isn’t potential for profit, however: Seinfeld says that "high-end advertisers" became extremely interested in the show after it debuted.

Hollywood is increasingly looking to the internet to try and create new avenues of profits. Netflix, for instance, is investing heavily in web series. The company is producing brand new episodes of Arrested Development as well as developing original content like Lilyhammer and House of Cards. It’s not clear if the industry will ever be able to generate the profits it’s looking for especially given that people are used to watching content on the internet for free but the next wave of high quality content looks set to emerge from the web instead of the television.