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Teenagers stampede at Louisiana mall after Instagram flashmob invite

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instagram shady
instagram shady

Police dispersed as many as 200 teenagers and temporarily shut down the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge last night after a "brawl" and "stampede" suddenly broke out in the food court. As reported by The Advocate, shoppers, including one bystander who was at a nearby Build-A-Bear store, describe a scene of confusion and "screaming teenagers," until police got there and corralled them into a Bravo restaurant.

Police dispersed the gang into a Bravo restaurant

Police say that they know who began the stampede, and have said that it originated from an Instagram post inviting people to meetup in a flashmob. Police also said that they expect to make arrests in the case. This is the second incident of this sort at the Mall of Louisiana in a year; the last one resulted in the shooting deaths of two teenagers. No injuries have been reported in this case.